Magics Of Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy


My bestie had moved to Dubai from Karachi for work. She was completely taken by the exciting life that Dubai offered.

But it was no surprise that she was often down in the dumps when she missed her close-knit family, her childhood friends, and hanging out with her club buddies for tennis. And, quite naturally, she was also bogged down by work life, which depressed her too.

Well, Dubai offered a perfect solution to her bouts of depression too, namely “shopping”.

Yes, shopping and often times window shopping, is actually supposed to be therapeutic and relaxing for some consumers. Commonly known as retail therapy, there are various reasons why shopping helps people deal with dips in their mood.



“I have a degree in Retail Therapy”.

(Truer words have never been spoken by a borderline shopaholic)


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Ever heard of something called “brain-fuelled” happiness? Or dopamine? Endorphins sound familiar? Well, they’re all terms that indicate happiness that we feel when certain chemicals are active in our bodies.

Well, guess what? Shopping does just that, according to Doctors of Psychology. Simply the first sight of rising, shiny buildings home to hundreds of stores, and aisles upon aisles or displays of all kinds of attractive goods, can set one’s mood right. Even before people make a purchase, they find their mood improving. This shift in behavior occurs because of all the active happy chemicals in our body. So, don’t let anyone believe you otherwise. And immediately set off on a shopping trip when you’re feeling low.




“It’s an “add to cart” kind of day!”

(Famous quote often heard after a long day at work)

A lot of times people experience a dip in their mood when they are not in a position of power. Constantly being instructed and having tasks assigned can really dampen the spirits for some.

The reason that shopping comes to the rescue here, is because filling up a shopping cart gives one the privilege to be in control of things. You choose things from and drop them in, then remove them according to your choice, or add more of them if you feel like it.

The same person who had been frustrated about not having things under control, will be found walking with a lighter step after their shopping spree.

Shopping surely gives one the feeling of being empowered and in charge of decisions.


“When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.”

(You may not have heard this quote before, now that you have, toughen up and try it out).

When you’re faced with the mighty decision to choose what you should finally purchase, and you’re singing, " 'Cause all of me loves all of you", your brain stays in the moment only and you are gently distracted from all the troubles that had been occupying your mind.

Shopping is a task that requires one’s complete attention. There are a lot of factors you have to weigh like the utility of a product, or the size of a garment, or the placement of furniture in your house, and of course your budget. Falling in love with something and then considering whether to buy it or not provides pleasant and instant relief from all woes.

Forgetting your troubles and finding happiness had never been easier!



“All you need is love. And Wi-Fi, and a credit card.”

(Words spoken by hardcore online shopping addict.)


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Online shopping has greater meaning and value attached to it ever since the pandemic began. However, it has always had significant importance and has been a source of joy for some.

Making an online purchase is like getting yourself a gift. There is excitement and thrill in surfing the web for the extra pair of shoes, or a yellow cardigan, or a handcrafted wallet and then adding it to your virtual cart entering your details and then waiting. Oh yes, waiting is probably the best part of online retail therapy. With online purchasing, the gratification is not instant… it is ongoing! Till you receive the package and unwrap it and examine the contents and smell the newness of your purchase.

Apparently, e-commerce has given birth to a whole new sport. As someone has been heard saying,

“My favorite sport is tracking my online orders.”



“I wish retail therapy was covered by my health insurance.”

(Said all those men who thrive on shopping to forget their sorrows).

It isn’t a surprise that retail therapy works not just for women, but men too. The nature of shopping would be different for men, but not always so. They can also get high on endorphins while shopping for a leather jacket, or a pair of cargoes. Some other shopping sprees that typically tend to uplift a man’s mood, according to a survey, are electronic appliances, console games and related accessories, movies, drones and related equipment, etc.

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I guess it would make perfect sense if we agreed with the following two thoughts of famous shopaholics who wish to remain anonymous: “Shopping is cheaper than therapy”, and” Shopping is the best medicine.”

With all the unhappiness and stress that there is in the world, shopping may not provide a permanent solution to depression. It can, however, help us deal with our own personal troubles and traumas temporarily.

Shopping is an effective coping mechanism that begins working not only when making a purchase, but also while window shopping. That is why it does not always lead to impulse buying and may instead lead to some form of human interaction which is also helpful in dealing with mental stress.

Retail therapy can take you from feeling way down in the dumps to feeling on the seventh heaven.